I treasure the simplicity of a blank sketchbook page, a well-sharpened pencil, a kneaded eraser, and a fresh cup of coffee. My sketchbook is the journal of my imagination, a place where my creativity takes form.

Even though I’m a digital artist by trade, my medium of choice has always been—and hopefully always will be—graphite. Compared to the infinite white canvas of a photoshop document where the possibilities are literally endless, there’s a certain of amount of comfort in the limits of a sketchbook page, especially in the beginning stages of an illustration.

I find that when my mind is churning with ideas, the directness of pencil on paper is the best way for me to bring a concept to life. Often when I’m struggling to understand a scene, I always go back to the sketchbook to simplify.

Whenever I’m approached by someone eager to begin creating art, I almost always tell them the same thing: go buy a sketchbook and draw! Don’t worry about it being flawless. The sketchbook is not a place for perfection, but a place to perfect.