Winter Furlough and Spring Cleaning

Winter has proven a season of challenges. Some good, some bad, but all of them leading to growth in one way or another.


My family and I vacationed in the mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee with a group of our closest friends and honestly, we had the best time. We never get a chance to do this kind of stuff, and it turned out to be one of those trips that you never forget. We spent most of our time watching the clouds roll by from the covered porch of our rustic cabin. We laughed, feasted, smoked pipes, played poker, watched movies, and ate some more. Most importantly it taught me that you have to be intentional to make memories like these.

The view from our cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. December 2018.

The Bad…

I took on a new job as a Customer Relations Manager for a digital solutions company here in Nashville, Tennessee and its taken some time to figure out how to balance my stupid-busy schedule. I love my position and the company I’m working for, but since December I haven’t sketched or painted a thing! The demands of everyday life are continually vying for my time, but that’ll always be the case. I’ve been looking into time management strategies and better scheduling practices so, with any luck, I hope to get back on the ball creating and posting artwork. I’ve already taken on a new illustration commission that I’m thrilled to be working on as it holds special significance and meaning to me personally (but you’ll have to wait for more details!).

…And The Ugly

Towards the middle of February, I also struggled with a bout of severe anxiety. It seemed to come out of nowhere, and while I've since taken steps to manage my ever-increasing burden of stress, it was a scary two weeks that I don’t want to repeat. I'm the kind of person who continually pushes myself (I'm an Enneagram 3w2 for anyone who knows about Typology), but this event taught me to treat my R&R with as much enthusiasm as my work ambitions. Disconnecting—I mean really disconnecting—from work every evening, exercising regularly, and pursuing other interests and studies have made an enormous difference in my happiness and energy. With the help and love of some close friends and family, I can happily report that the worst is over!

Spring Cleaning

As the season changes, I want to bring the lessons of Winter to bear: make time for special moments in life, get organized, and take care of yourself!