Countries Overview

The world is known as Jorda (yor-duh). Many kingdoms and uncivilized tribes inhabit three known continents named: Breen, Eastjord and Westjord. Within these are seven distinct countries, each with their own heritage, language, and providence. Below is a list of the seven countries where information on their history, culture and society, economics, religion, geography, and law can be found.



Breen is located to the south-east of Flodmark's southern coasts on a small continent covered almost year round in freezing temperatures. In the north the weather is more bearable during summer, while the far south is completely uninhabited by humans. The Brennish are akin to the Nordresar and migrated across the sea seeking refuge from the wars of the north. Ironically, the early settlers were beset by indigenous tribes and forced to war with them for land. Eventually the Breenish settled along the northern and north-western coasts until they grew accustomed to the harsh weather and slowly migrated south. Towards the mid-west of the continent there is a large plateau surrounded on three sides by a treacherous mountain. From beneath the mountain great hot springs and geysers find their way to the surface, warming the otherwise iced landscape.


The entire realm of Crannland is located within the forest Greatwold, just south of Venbria. The Crannlanders migrated from the north and are mostly akin to the Venbrians. They left the plains of Venbria in search of freedom from the nobles' rule and a home to practice the Old Ways that were cast off by their progressive kin. The Crannlanders are secretive and cunning, delighting in the simple pleasures of life and nature. Silent sentinels keep watch on the borders of Greatwold suffering no enemies to enter into their domain. Crannland is mostly self sustaining, though they have to import ore and stone from Jernmark. They export timber for most of what they need, including livestock from the fields of Hofland. The Crannlanders have a rich history, for their land was bought with the blood of many men and women. Their songs are all of sorrow and their tales wrought with grief.


Just east of the Kvitfjell lays the kingdom of Flodmark. From the great peaks of the mountains come many rushing rivers and wide streams that make up the territory of Flodmark. The Flodfolk are excellent boaters and fishermen, living in small communities along the banks of these rivers. Because of the many waterways that weave throughout this land Flodmark has been able to prosper in both warfare and trade. The Flodfolk practice the Old Ways and are only slightly less superstitious than the Crannlanders, though not as secretive. The early settlers of this land faced many hardships in traversing the Kvitfjell, but worse things awaited them in the untamed lands, including trolls and river-monsters.


Hofland is located to the east of Venbria, nestled in a large swath of open plains and gently rolling hills. Hofland is most famously known for their breeding and training of horses. Hoflanders prefer to live in peace, to mind their farms and flocks; but they are a valiant force when mustered to war. They respect their ancestors and fear to dishonor them. Often the warriors of Hofland train to fight on horseback with bows and spears, and are considered the best riders in all the known world. Hofland imports very little from other kingdoms but they do not shun trade and are hospitable to travelers.


Jernmark is situated far in the north, in the uplands of the ice-capped mountains known as Bluethorn. The people of that land are a hardy and resourceful breed of men whose ancestors carved entire cities into the side of the mountain. The Jernr are excellent craftsmen and artisans, known across the world for their superior weapons and armor, though very few can afford their masterwork goods. The Jernr prefer to use long spears and heavy chainmail, although they oppose outright war and are a rather peaceful people.


Nordhjem is located far to the north in the deep fjords of the Kvitfjell. The rocky bluffs and impregnable cliffs are a natural defense against invaders, which is in part why the kingdom has thrived. The Nordrese are a rustic people with a great sense of honor and loyalty to kin. Considered giants by most, Nordresar are tall and strong with broad shoulders and squared jaws. The Nordrese life revolves almost entirely around warfare. Despite the inhospitable landscape, the Nordrese are able to live with what little resources they have. Nordhjem holds no alliance with any kingdom, and often small wars break out amongst varying households.


Centered upon many trading routes Venbria is the most successful and prosperous kingdom. Through many years of conquest, the Venbrians have claimed a vast territory and the fealty of many independent kingdoms including: Jernmark, Hofland, and Crannland. Most of Venbria's resources come from within their great realm, though stone and ore is imported from Jernmark. Hofland pays a tribute of horses and some livestock, while Crannland is their primary source of timber. The Venbrians are an industrious people and often accepting of other cultures, though they have abandoned the Old Ways in favor of progress and technology.